Annual Newsletter 2020

What a year! I cannot be more proud of the entire Hospice Simcoe team for their dedication and flexibility in adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. We pivoted very early using innovative ways to provide our… Continue Reading

Volunteer Newsletter September 2021

When I reflect on the last year and a half, I am at times overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. I cannot be more proud of the entire Hospice Simcoe team for their continued dedication… Continue Reading

Volunteer Newsletter August 2021

As the volunteer gardeners at Hospice Simcoe cultivate the soil and tend to the flowers in full bloom, they hear the voices of volunteers excitedly anticipating their return to the house. It has been a… Continue Reading

Volunteer Newsletter July 2021

“Today you would be 31. I’m sure we would stay up too late and drink too many beers. I’m sure we would have a big fire. Today we’ll do our best to celebrate for you… Continue Reading

Volunteer Newsletter June 2021

Last month, we celebrated our clinical team, a group of RNs, RPNs and PSWs who are always on the front lines; but especially so these past fourteen months. Carol Holden takes the time to look… Continue Reading

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