Our Hospice Family

Joy, Natalie, Emily
Joy Nancy Tammy

Clinical Team

The clinical team is comprised of Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), our Spiritual Care Coordinator, Residential Care Manager, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Director. The team works together with you and your family to provide pain and symptom management, psycho-social, emotional, and practical support, 24 hours a day. The team will work with you to develop a plan of care based on your needs and what is most important to you and your family. We are committed to person-centred care which respects and values the individual’s right to dignity and self-determination when it comes to their end of life experience.

Our Residence Staff

Kelly Hubbard

Kelly Hubbard (she/her)

Executive Director

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 224


Tammy Pollard (she/her)

Residential Care Manager

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 326

Brian Morris

Dr. Brian Morris (he/him)

Medical Director

Lori Scholten-Dallimore (she/her)

Spiritual Care Coordinator

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 229

Marilyn Guest

Marilyn Guest (she/her)

Fund Development Manager

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 245

Jackie Fox (she/her)

Fund Development Coordinator

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 243

Judi Luscombe (she/her)

Executive & Strategic Project Coordinator

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 226

Connie Devlin

Connie Devlin (she/her)

HR Manager

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 225

Susan Haiplik

Susan Haiplik (she/her)

Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected]

(705) 722-5995 ext. 230

Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts (she/her)

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

705-722-5995 ext. 240

Madi Yandt (she/her)

Office Administrator

[email protected]

705-722-5995 ext. 222

Garrett Lambert

Properties Coordinator

[email protected]

705-722-5995 ext. 223

Our Community Support Staff

Kerri Hallikainen (she/her)

Office Administrator

[email protected]

(705) 725-1140 ext. 401

Teneal Campbell (she/her)

Community Support Programs Manager

[email protected]

(705) 725-1140 ext. 411

Amy Pritzker

Amy Pritzker (she/her)

Bereavement Coordinator

[email protected]

(705) 725-1140 ext. 403

Jenna Moore (She/Her)

Palliative Care Nurse Navigator

[email protected]

(705) 728-9090 ext. 43565

Marisa Pasut (she/her)

Bereavement Coordinator

[email protected]

705-722-5995 ext. 402

Cathy Lowrie (she/her)

Community Care Coordinator

[email protected]

705-725-1140 ext. 404

Brittany Irvine

Brittany Irvine (she/her)

Palliative Care Nurse Navigator

[email protected]

705 728 9090 ext. 43565

Hospice simcoe dogs

Daisy & Kyle

COPE Service Dogs:
[email protected]
(Kyle’s email to come)

As members of our care team, Daisy and Kyle are companions for our residents, their families and visitors. They also provide support to those attending grief and bereavement sessions and assists our staff and volunteers as needed.

Daisy and Kyle are C.O.P.E. trained Service Dogs and will be on-site throughout the week to provide support at the Hospice Simcoe Residence as well as our Community Support location.

How We Die: A Good Dog

Enjoy this video featuring our very own COPE Service dog, Daisy, in this heart-warming production of:

How We Die: A Good Dog (10/11)

More and more hospices are utilizing therapy dogs as palliative care support during end-of-life care. Travelling through the halls of Hospice Simcoe, Kitbad Productions captures Daisy visiting with patients and family. Her visits can evoke positive memories for patients of their own lives and her calming nature helps ease anxiety and fear. Daisy also provides support for families who are visiting their loved ones during their last days.

* During filming, Kitab Productions implemented a COVID safety plan in accordance with Public Health Orders and advice alongside the COVID-19 Safety Guideline for the Film and Television Industry in Ontario. This included cast and crew COVID testing, physical distancing, sanitizing, masks, minimizing crew requirements, and adjusting locations.