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The death, dying, grief, and bereavement process is something we will all experience at some point in our life. It can be so disorienting when it happens.  It is difficult to know what to do, what to say or ask, and where to turn for help and guidance.

Whether you are the person experiencing a life limiting illness, a part of this person’s family or social circle, a caregiver, or a professional supporting a person and family as they navigate this life event; Hospice Simcoe’s online chatrooms can be a safe place to ask questions, share information, discover resources and connect with others going through a similar experience.

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Everyone’s experience with grief and bereavement is unique: this is particularly true for those who have had someone in their world die due to covid-19. This chat room is available to anyone who is grieving due to covid-19.

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This chatroom is available to all health care professionals who are interested in receiving information on how to support people through the dying process. or are grieving the loss of the person or people you have cared for. In this room you are encouraged to ask questions on the dying, death and grief process. and connect with other professionals who are grieving in a supportive setting.

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Welcome to Hospice Simcoe·s Community Support Chat rooms The following is a list of rules and guidelines established to ensure this virtual environment is as safe as possible for all who choose to participate.

Hospice Simcoe takes the security of all participants seriously. However. in using virtual platforms where varying degrees of personal information is being shared: 100% security cannot be guaranteed and provided with absolute certainty.

Prior to engaging in this virtual support, please make sure you have read the rules/terms of service and abide by the outlined guide.

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The intent of these chat rooms is to provide the members of our community, that are grieving, with the opportunity to connect and provide/receive emotional support; along as obtain access to grief and bereavement related information and resources.

These chatrooms are primarily self-modulated, with minimal to moderate facilitation being provided by staff/volunteers. Moderation by Hospice Simcoe staff/volunteers will intermittently take place between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (unless specified otherwise).

Content that is posted on the chatrooms following business hours will not be moderated. A staff/volunteer will respond to off hours messages the following business day.

Chatrooms provided by Hospice Simcoe are not intended to serve as a substitute or replacement for professional mental, physical health support/intervention. This service cannot provide medical, psychological advice or provide a diagnosis.

This platform is not intended to act as a crisis service. Participants will have access to local crisis lines in the event they find their well-being declining.

To access these chatrooms, individuals will be required to register for a “wordpress” account through the Hospice Simcoe website.

Upon completing the registration process for a wordpress account; individuals will have access to the main room; consisting of a list of the chatrooms being provided through Hospice Simcoe. Individuals can pick the chatroom(s) they deem to be most appropriate for their needs.

Hospice Simcoe espouses no religious or philosophical ideology. To maintain the safety of all participants, we ask that all beliefs and non-beliefs of those engaged in the dialogue within these chat rooms is respected. Please abstain from making comments, or posting information/links to other content, that would challenge another individual’s beliefs or non-beliefs.

The purpose of these chat rooms is to provide a safe virtual space for our community members to express their grief. We ask that content posted in these chat rooms should focus on participants experiences with grief and bereavement.

Do not tag or post content or identifying information of other chat room members to any other platform (ie, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.).

Language that may be deemed offensive, threatening or harassing in nature to various individuals, groups and populations will not be tolerated. Such language and behaviour will result in the removal of the offending participant, along with permanent removal of access (ie, language that is considered sexist, racist, ageist, ableist, homophobic in nature, etc.).

We ask that the information that is shared in these chat rooms stay within the chat room. Please refrain from using information from the discussions in these chat rooms for anything other than conversations on these pages.

Due to possible identity theft, do not post nor ask for personally identifying information including your family, friends, place of employment, or your person that you are grieving. This includes, names, birthdates, death dates, etc.

Anyone who violates these guidelines or disrespects moderators, admin, or other chat room member will be removed.

Information asked to be provided by participants is collected for the sole purpose of ensuring the personal safety of all engaged in the chatrooms. In the event Hospice moderators are informed of, or witness, dialogue or comments that prompt concern for a participants well-being and safety; Hospice staff/volunteers reserve the right to contact proper authorities for a wellness check.

This is a safe space for all who are grieving. We welcome you to Hospice Simcoe’s Community Chat Rooms and we’re glad you are here. Your support, mutual respect and kindness is what makes these chat rooms work.